As I skimmed through the Internet, I came across a picture of celebs Nick Cannon and supposedly soon to be ex-wife Mariah Carey with their two beautiful children Easter egg hunting. Everyone appeared completely joyous and at peace, including the parents. Now I don’t necessarily know whether the tabloids are correct about their impending divorce and current misery with each other but I do know that co-parenting done amicably (of course) can leave parents especially the children extremely happy.

I think at least half of Americans don’t believe co-parenting amicably is even possible or if done amicably there is always a hidden agenda. Sometimes I believe society just wants to be angry and at odds with any and everything, especially things that are new and different. Co-parenting done correctly can be good for the kids, good for the parents and even the spouses (stepparents). But we must always remember that co-parenting is for the welfare of the children.

My ex-husband and I have been divorced for at least eight years. We were mature enough to know that we must get along for the sake of the children. Now I must be honest we didn’t have a nasty drag out divorce either. That too was rather amicable. Over the years, we have coordinated birthday dinners and sometimes holiday meals and we all have a great time. Now that we are grandparents, I guess you can say we co-grandparent. Just last year we gathered at Chuck E Cheese for my oldest granddaughter’s birthday. I do realize that everyone may not be onboard with this idea especially people like my ex-husbands current wife. She does not agree and at time I believe she wants us all to be at each other’s throats which is why she does not participate. I am glad that my ex-husband is a peaceful man and has not lost sight of the bigger picture, the kids. Children can sense anger, resentment and negativity amongst people they are surrounded by. I even have coworkers that have been in excellent co-parenting families, so see it can be done.

I guess you would need two mature and unselfish adults to make this work. Immaturity, hatred and anger are definitely not part of the formula for co-parenting.