Sizzling Summers Make Me Fall For Fall

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

As the temperature reached a record-breaking 101 degrees in North Carolina yesterday, I couldn’t help but meditate on cooler temperatures.

I often admit to loving the activities of the summer months but it’s sure hard to enjoy those activities once temperatures climb above 93 degrees.  In my opinion, anything past 95 degrees is equivalent to triple digit temperatures.  Grilling, exercising outdoors, and any outdoor sports would have to be delayed until cooler temps make an appearance.  Beaches and pools are stacked with people but how do you stay cool and enjoy yourself with the sun’s rays beaming down on you.  I’m sure no romantic stroll has ever taken place in temps above 93 degrees.  A walk in 93 degree will no longer be considered romantic, torture maybe.  Whether you are wearing one layer of clothing or three layers you will still remain HOT!

Fall, my favorite season represents everything I enjoy.  Autumn foliage, apple picking, NFL & College Football, Halloween and can’t forget Thanksgiving.  The average temps in my neck of the woods ranges from 60-75.7 degrees from September to November.  Light jackets, light sweaters, sweatshirts make a comeback.  An array of outdoor activities can be enjoyed comfortably, the operative word is COMFORTABLY!

Colorful autumn foliage
Colorful autumn foliage


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  1. Do you have humidity? I can take heat but adding humidity to 90’s and up makes it difficult. I love summer but prefer dry heat… Tough to enjoy activities when you feel sticky!

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